Time to say goodbye to your manual shavers, shavers rash, unsightly blotches and unwanted hair.

Waxing has become increasingly popular over‚Äč the last decade for the majority of many men.

From sporting people, medical purpose, weight training, to look good and feel good, to help reduce sweat.

What ever the reason for waxing, once you start you realise how effective and tidier it is.

 So what are the benefits to waxing over shaving

1, it last longer then shaving as waxing pulls the root out

2, shaving can cause rashes

3, for most people, waxing makes the hair grow slower and finer

4, waxing produces smoother results for a long period comopared to shaving

5, shaving results to stubble and feels uncomfortable

6, waxing makes your skin feel smoother

This is only a few reasons why to wax

About ME

As a fully trained massage therapist I first started my business working in a gym.

Some of the guys used to ask me about waxing, so in 2011 I extended my waxing knowledge and went and took the course for male intimate wax with Joleen at Strictly Waxing, 

in Radcliffe, Manchester.

I specialise in only male waxing and have done for the last few years.

I only use the hard wax when doing the intimate and use Perron Rigot, I work to a high professional standard that is expected of me. I take great care and pride in my work.